Standard Rate per source Word: usually ranges from 0.05 to 0.10

              Express Rate (next day delivery) per source Word: 0.20

              Minimum Charge: minimum payment for less than 500 words is 25.00

              Very short translations and proofreading e.g. a line or a few sentences 15.00

              Certificates: 45.00 each (excluding Affidavit and Apostille fees, if needed)



             Ad hoc (liaison) interpreting: 100.00 per hour + reasonable travel and expenses

             Simultaneous (conference) interpreting: 120.00 per hour + reasonable travel and expenses

             Telephone interpreting: 5 per minute


             Proofreading / Editing / Localization / Typesetting

             Proofreading: 15 per page

             Localization: 25 per page

             Typesetting: 40 per hour

             Typing: 45 per hour


            Transcriptions: Guide price only, for exact price please ask for a quote

            240 per hour of Standard Transcription (4 per minute)

            Medical Transcription
            Legal Transcription

            480 per hour for Same Day or Overnight Service


            Terms and Conditions 

            For long translations and orders outside UK, the following terms and conditions apply:

            50% upfront payment is required and rest 50% to be paid upon receipt of the invoice before

            the translated documents are released

            Delayed payment beyond the agreed date is subject to 15GBP charge per day